Elevate the Everyday with Exceptional Wine & Culinary Experiences

At Somm Kind of Wine, we are devoted guides to the art of wine, beer, and spirits paired ingeniously with complementary tastes and flavors. Our journey began while reveling in the vibrant food and drink of California wine country during a special celebration. We recognized the transformative joy when the perfect bite meets the perfect sip - an experience we now aim to bring to you through our exceptional offerings.  

Led by devoted dining companions and educators Christel and Kris, Somm Kind of Wine provides:

Vibrant In-Person & Virtual Wine Tastings

From relaxed and conversational to structured educational guidance, our wine tastings cover varied styles to suit every palate - with unexpected yet mouthwatering food pairings included! Explore unique varietals and regions from around the world or focus on specific wine knowledge from our skilled wine director.

Seasonal Wine & Beer Dinner Parties 

Featuring creatively conceived dishes matched seamlessly with an array of wonderful wines and craft beer selections, our dinner events tantalize tastebuds through and through! Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere filled with great eats, conversation with fellow diners, and culinary insights from Kris and Christel. The perfect date night or evening out with friends!

Custom Private Virtual Wine Tours

For personal wine exploration minus lengthy travel, embark on interactive virtual tours from world-famous regions to local undiscovered gems. We’ll bring hard-to-reach locations and specialty vineyards to you through virtual walkthroughs, live Q&As with winemakers, guided comparative tastings and plenty of memorable stories. Adventure awaits!

Always Elevating Your Moments & Community  

At Somm Kind of Wine, enhancing everyday dining and celebrations through wine is just the beginning. We actively support programs uplifting young people as they embark on new chapters, and donate to community enrichment causes with each booking.  

Join our wine enthusiast family today and let the exceptional drinks - and memories - flow! Upcoming events and memberships at www.SommKindofWine.com