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We invite you to join us on a delectable journey through the world of flavors, where every dish tells a story and every sip is a celebration of life. As lifelong friends bonded by our shared love for food, drink, and the joys of companionship, we are thrilled to open the doors of our culinary corner and share our wealth of knowledge and experiences with you.

Over the years, we've savored countless meals together, explored the diverse cuisines of Europe, and delved deep into the art of pairing food and drink. Our passion for cooking, combined with our professional expertise in the beverage industry, has equipped us with a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and insights that we're eager to pass on to you, our valued guests.

Whether you're a seasoned home cook or an adventurous novice, there's something for everyone in our culinary corner. From tantalizing recipes to expert wine pairings, from tips for hosting the perfect dinner party to guides for crafting artisanal cocktails, we're here to inspire and empower you to elevate your culinary experiences to new heights.

But our journey goes beyond the kitchen – it's a celebration of friendship, community, and the simple joys of sharing a meal with loved ones. As we embark on this adventure together, we invite you to not only savor the flavors but also cherish the connections forged around the table.

So come, pull up a chair, and join us as we embark on this delicious journey together. Whether you're here to expand your culinary repertoire, discover new flavors, or simply bask in the warmth of good company, you're always welcome in Christel & Kris's Culinary Corner.

Here's to good food, great friends, and a lifetime of culinary adventures!

Bon appétit and prost!


🍷 Kris Schmidt - Sommelier, Epicurean, and Master Storyteller 📖

Kris Schmidt's journey into the world of wine was a serendipitous adventure later in life, fueled by her insatiable curiosity and love for storytelling. As a sommelier, Kris not only possesses a refined palate but also a gift for weaving tales that bring the nuances of each wine to life.

Her approach to wine goes beyond the tasting notes; it's about the emotions evoked, the memories stirred, and the stories waiting to be told. From the earthy notes of a rustic red to the crisp acidity of a chilled white, Kris's descriptions transport her audience to the very vineyards where the grapes were kissed by the sun.

Despite occasional jests from skeptics, she remains undeterred, for she knows that the magic of wine lies not just in its taste but in the stories it carries. Her ability to evoke the essence of a place and time through a simple pour is a testament to her mastery as both a sommelier and a storyteller.

In Kris's world, wine and food are inseparable companions, each enhancing the other in perfect harmony. Her expertise in pairing flavors elevates meals into unforgettable experiences, where every dish tells its own story, complemented by the perfect wine.

As a devoted mother of three daughters, two son-in-law’s and a proud grandmother of four, Kris's love knows no bounds. Their laughter and warmth infuse her life with boundless joy and inspiration.

In her moments of leisure, Kris finds respite in the harmonies of art and music, savoring the symphony of life's experiences. Her story is one of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding pursuit of the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Christel has turned her passion for food and travel into a life's work. As owner of the popular local coffee shop Bean Junction, she enjoys creating baked goods and meeting new people every day.

However, her curiosity stretches far beyond her home kitchen. During 20 + years working for various airlines, Christel developed an appreciation for quality cuisine and beverages across many cultures.

Though diagnosed with a gluten intolerance 10 years ago, she has relished the challenge to adapt beloved family recipes while exploring innovative ingredients and techniques.

She also loves discovering new places and cuisines during her frequent hiking and adventure trips.

As a busy mother of two children and grandmother of one baby boy, Christel understands the need for versatility when cooking. All of these experiences inspired Christel to help create this website, Somm Kind of Wine.

This passion project aims to thoughtfully match delicious recipes and baked goods to wines, beers, ciders and spirits that best accentuate their flavors.

With decades of hospitality and adventurous eating under her belt, Christel warmly welcomes tastes from mild to bold and traditional to experimental.

She looks forward to guiding both novice and seasoned foodies to find their perfect pairings.